The climbing to the Peak of Za

The myth
The mountain Zas (“Zeus”) took its name from the Father of Gods Dias (in ancient Greek: nominative Zeus, genitive Dios), who, according to the myth, spent his childhood years in the cave of Za, hiding from his father Cronos.
Cronos, according to Greek mythology, leading the first generation of the Titanes [(Titans) – Titanes were deities, offspring of Gaia (earth) and Ouranos (sky)], killed his father Ouranos, and governed the world of the “golden era”.
Cronos, being afraid that he might suffer the same from his own children, managed to extinguish them, devouring them right after their birth.
His wife Rea, however, decided that this should not happen to her last child, and for this reason she gave birth in Crete, away from Cronos.
Instead of the child, she gave Cronos a stone wrapped in infant’s clothes, which Cronos devoured, thinking that it was the child of the last birth of his wife.
Rea, in order to complete her plan, left the newborn to goat “Amaltheia”, who raised it with her milk.
For the crying of the baby not to be heard, and Cronos not to notice his existence, Rea placed –outside the cave— the “Kourites” (Kouretes), who danced, shouted and banged their shields with their spears.
After infancy, Dias was moved to the Cave of Za to grow up there (for what followed according to the myth, see the “Cave of Za”).
The claiming of the paternal throne, according to Dugit, started during a sacrifice that was taking place on the peak of the mountain, when an eagle carrying the thunderbolt flew over the altar, and Dias grabbed it from him and threw it at the Titans.
That is how the quest of Dias for seizing power from his father Kronos started.

The Ascent
The easiest and smoothest ascent to the peak of the mountain is from Aghia Marina which is 3,500 meters away from Filoti by car, and is at the highest point of the motorway that leads from Filoti and Apeiranthos to the village Danaos. The small church is built on a square cooled by a plane tree.
The ascent, although relatively easy, is not recommended for children under the age of 10.
For the rest, no special relative capability is required, but only a good physical condition.
Particular caution is necessary at the top, when it is windy.
A suitable time for departure from Aghia Marina is considered 5:00 a.m., not only for the romantics who would like to enjoy the sunrise, but also for avoiding the summer heat. At the latest, 10:00 a.m..
The attire recommended is: athletic shoes, hat, long pants for avoiding scratching from
bushes, as well as insects.
If it is windy, it would be wise to carry a windbreaker or cardigan, but also a scarf for the neck.
If the point of departure of the walk is Aghia Marina, the ascent time to the peak is about an hour, if there are no long stops.
The hardest part of the route is the last, because it is relatively steep, on rocks and not on soil, and because it is most probable to be windy.

The inscription on the peak of Za