Photodotis (The Light Giver)

This is a Castle-Monastery located on the border of the areas of Filoti and Danakos.
Although administratively it belongs to Danakos, it is included in the sights of Filoti, since it is on the same fork –that of Aghia Marina—towards the peak of Za.
In order to go to the castle-monastery one has to turn left from the square of Aghia Marina (3,500 m. from Filoti), and follow the dirt road which starts from there for about 1,500 by car and will meet it at about __xxx__ meters.
The monastery –that does not have monks anymore—is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Savior Jesus Christ.
Until 1207, it belonged to the Diocese of Paronaxia, and since then up to 1559, the Duke of the Duchy of Archipelagos granted it to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In 1636 it was returned to the Diocese of Paronaxia, in 1783 it became a Glebe of the Monastery of Patmos and was returned finally, in 1830, to the Paronaxia Diocese.
In 1959, as a result of the efforts of professor Antonios Katsouros, important repair interventions were carried out.
Near the Monastery, there is a taverna – kafeneio.
The spot has a very nice view towards the sea, and one can see Koufonisia and Amorgos.